Diversity Dimensions Consulting, LLC is a Washington, D.C. based company that provides effective solutions to individuals and organizations seeking to harness the power of diversity and inclusion. See below for more information of services we offer.


Program Design and Training

I have worked with multi-year, multimillion dollar programs aimed to develop a diverse health care workforce. I help organizations develop innovative programs that leverage partnerships, identify sustained funding and are positioned for long term success. I offer professional development training on a range of topics including cultural competency and unconscious bias. 

Clarify values and make bold steps in your development.

Clarify values and make bold steps in your development.

Leadership Coaching

I help leaders from all backgrounds remain intact while “doing good”. I bring 25 years of leadership experience in the health care and non-profit sector to my coaching engagement with clients. As a coach, I help leaders clarify their values and make bold, courageous moves toward their own development. 

Improve productivity and strategic thinking.

Improve productivity and strategic thinking.

Facilitation and Team Building

I bring a wealth of experience helping teams and individuals improve their productivity, strategic thinking, maximize their communication, prioritize projects and explore new domains of competency. I offer a range of opportunities for team observations and feedback, retreat facilitating and professional development sessions.


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